Institute for Digital Assets

We are a global research and educational institution dedicated to advancing the understanding, adoption, and integration of digital assets into the mainstream economy and into society.

Research & Development

IDA conducts in-depth research on various digital assets

Education & Training

Offering access to a range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels

Industry Collaboration

Work closely with industry leaders, startups, regulators and policymakers, facilitating dialogue

Regulatory Policy & Advocacy

IDA engages with policymakers, providing expert opinions

Host Events & Conferences

Bring together thought leaders, innovators and enthusiasts

Integrating knowledge

The Q2 Ecosystem for DAD: Data. Analytics. Dissemination.

Ensuring Smooth Access To Information And Collaboration


Blockchain Research Center






Financial Risk Meter

FRM identifies systemic risk levels in different channels (America, Europe, Asia, Euro rates, Cryptos, Itraxx SenFin, S&P 500, and emerging markets). Its network topology indicates CoStress and systemically provides insights into pre-critical risks.

Digital Art Index

DAI is an Index that uses Hedonic regression models and discounting characteristics of NFT artworks in order to show the fundamental market movements of the NFT art market.